(ExchangeWire) Bringing Blockchain to Programmatic – Q&A with Zheng Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder, EnvisionX
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EnvisionX Team
25 November 2017

– In a recent interview with ExchangeWire, Zheng Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder of EnvisionX talks about bringing blockchain to programmatic technology. Last year it was all about header bidding but now everyone seems to be talking about blockchain. But what is blockchain exactly? How can this help address the challenges that programmatic advertising faces, such as fraud, ad quality and transparency? The Q&A also explores the story of how EnvisionX was born and how it has evolved from being a digital advertising marketplace (AdTrades) to a full stack digital ecosystem with a self-serve DSP (AdCasts) and now programmatic blockchain technology (EXCHAIN). In addition, the interview dives into why the decision was made to develop programmatic blockchain tech and how exactly it benefits advertisers.