Goodbye AdHub, Hello AdTrades!
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EnvisionX Team
30 June 2017

Goodbye AdHub, Hello AdTrades!


Meet Our All-New Marketplace: Goodbye AdHub, Hello AdTrades!

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of our all-new marketplace having recently rebranded “AdHub” to “AdTrades“!

Why? Because here at EnvisionX we’ve been busy delivering on our core values and driving innovation on our product features – from fraud protection at no extra cost to the buyer, alongside UI improvements (version 2.0) to the all-important issue of ad quality, ensuring that we’re working for the greater good of advertising and placing customer trust in our robust marketplace and what better way to show our progression and innovation within this space and our product.

There are some exciting updates we would like to share so simply scroll on down to learn more.

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The EnvisionX Team

Inclusive Fraud Protection
Fraud greatly impacts advert performance and wastes money for the buyer and in turn devalues the publishers’ site & reputation. At EnvisionX we’ve teamed up with a VIP partner for an exclusive integration to our proprietary technology in order to detect and remove fraudulent programmatic inventory for DSPs – all at no extra cost to the buyer. Why? So buyers can be confident of cleaner and higher performing traffic across all our SSPs that they buy through our marketplace.

UI Update V2.0: Easier Inventory Pre-Targeting Creation Workflow and More for an Enhanced UX
We’ve improved the UX for our DSP buyers who utilise our marketplace to manage their inventory in the form of an updated UI which comes with easier inventory pre-targeting creation workflow, even more insightful granular reporting, and an existing pre-targeting filtering function.

Helping Buyers to Maximise Delivery of their Campaign Budget with Our Further Investment in Ad Quality
Through our AdGuards Adflow management tool, and now in a trusted partnership with TMT and GeoEdge, we’re constantly working to safeguard our buyers from poor ad quality. This is a huge benefit to both buyer and seller as it maintains trust and confidence on both sides. For the advertiser, maximising their campaign budget and ultimately the target consumer perceiving the brand face-value positively. For the seller, preventing any loss of traffic or revenue due to the running of slow or bad ads which greatly impacts the user experience.