(ExchangeWire) | EnvisionX incorporates blockchain technology in programmatic solution
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EnvisionX Team
18 July 2017

(ExchangeWire) | EnvisionX incorporates blockchain technology in programmatic solution


(ExchangeWire) | EnvisionX incorporates blockchain technology in programmatic solution

We are delighted to announce the exciting launch of programmatic blockchain technology “EXCHAIN” the news of which was recently featured in ExchangeWire’s weekly “round-up” on their blog which rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

In his interview with ExchangeWire, Zheng Zhang, our CEO and Founder, talks about what it means for the industry and how introducing a blockchain element into EnvisionX’s ad tech offering is the “radicalisation of the digital advertising space”, and further comments on security enhancement and tackling ad fraud. He then goes on to comment about the history of a basic cryptocurrency-based ad network but how the combination of the company’s advanced programmatic ecosystem with blockchain technology marks a real progression to the next level in advertising overall.

The key takeaways are the existing challenges that EXCHAIN addresses directly such as spend transparency for all parties where both buyer and seller can see exactly what is happening in the media buying and selling process in order to eliminate hidden costs, since publishers get precise insights into buyer transaction, enabling real transparency along the chain. In turn, this combats fraudulent activity.

The processing of long publisher payout is also addressed and finally, programmatic blockchain technology will be a direct solution for major worldwide buyer problems, such as currency by adding cryptocurrency capabilities with blockchain. Buyers can therefore buy media in local currency, yet avoid exchange-rate complications.

Find out more about EXCHAIN via our dedicated website

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