The DSP Story: Why We Choose EnvisionX - Pocketmath
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EnvisionX Team
04 September 2017

The DSP Story: Why We Choose EnvisionX – Pocketmath


The DSP Story: Why we choose EnvisionX

This blog post is the first in “The DSP Story” series where we introduce our buyers and ask them why they work with EnvisionX.

First up, is Pocketmath. As a mobile advertising company, Pocketmath allows advertisers to experience the power of real time to create smarter mobile ad campaigns.

Read on below to understand why they choose EnvisionX as their solution.

Why did Pocketmath decide on an aggregated solution?

“Pocketmath is looking at reducing the long wait time in terms of integrating with new partners, in addition to the means of testing out partners traffic quality and potential spends with the aggregated partners may not be feasible to a direct integration at the moment. Therefore, we decided to look for an aggregated solution.”

Why EnvisionX?

“After evaluating with multiple partners, Pocketmath decided to work with EnvisionX due to the agility and nimbleness of the company. Although EnvisionX has been new to the market, EnvisionX has the experience and support that Pocketmath needed in order to achieve a better supply decision. I have no doubt that EnvisionX would outgrow its competitors in no time. Pocketmath highly recommends EnvisionX for its professionalism from pre-sales until the final integration including having them connect with our potential supply sources.”

Darren Lee, Director of Supply Partnerships at Pocketmath.

Watch this space for more of our DSP stories giving their referrals, testimonials and case studies.

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