(Creativepool) Ad Trends 2018: An uncertain industry in a state of flux
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EnvisionX Team
22 December 2017

(Creativepool) Ad Trends 2018: An uncertain industry in a state of flux


A New Year brings lots of opportunities and changes too. It’s a chance to predict what will happen in the industry and where the programmatic trends will go.

One of the concrete changes which comes into effect in the first half of this year is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). But what does this mean for programmatic?

Zheng Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder of EnvisionX, shares his thoughts and predictions on GDPR in Creativepool’s article.

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“A debate that has dominated not just the advertising landscape but various industries in 2017 has been GDPR. Coming into effect in May 2018, conversations around the legislation have been vast as companies prepare for the pending changes associated with how businesses acquire, hold and share consumer data. Once enforced, programmatic advertisers need to be more transparent by actively obtaining consent from consumers. As a result, we will see programmatic advertising change as we know it as the industry will adjust to this significant shift. Moving into 2018, I believe we will see programmatic advertisers begin to embrace new technologies that help to fulfil the aim of GDPR to ensure programmatic continues to thrive, yet consumer’s data is appropriately handled. We are seeing more programmatic service providers embrace Blockchain technology which has been subtly establishing itself within advertising. The technology provides advertisers with the ability to create an immutable record of data transactions and a fully audited trail to ensure increased security. Not only would this instil a greater level of transparency within the industry but will also reinstate consumer trust; meaning they would be more likely to give programmatic suppliers access to their data if there is a guarantee their information was secure. As the digital advertising industry continues to strive for successful automation, creativity and personalisation, programmatic needs to embrace the capabilities of emerging technologies to continue its growth and innovation in a post-GDPR ecosystem.”

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