(Fourth Source) Navigating a New Revolution in Programmatic Advertising Technology
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16 October 2017

(Fourth Source) Navigating a New Revolution in Programmatic Advertising Technology


Navigating a New Revolution in Programmatic Advertising Technology

What is this “new revolution” that the programmatic advertising industry is currently facing? Is it a good thing or a bad thing and what does it mean for programmatic players as well as advertisers?

Zheng Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder of EnvisionX recently wrote for Fourth Source in which he talks about the pros and cons of technological advancement and also provides his predictions. Read the full article to find out more.

With every technological revolution, programmatic advertising has brought with it a host of new solutions, each with a different purpose to serve. As a result, both buyers and sellers are now becoming increasingly inundated with new industry jargon, which has also left many at risk of feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly vast technicality of these services. This has stimulated one of the common misconceptions amongst advertisers; that the progression of advertising technologies will increase the complexity of the platforms they use, and therefore impact on their ability to distribute successful and cost-effective advertising.

It is no surprise that a hugely disruptive technology, which promises to streamline digital advertising and improve the experience of both buyers and sellers has been, and still is, met with some apprehension. However, with more companies embracing programmatic, it is now crucial for service providers to reassure their users, helping to guide them through the evolving ad-tech jungle and ensuring they are implementing new technology to best serve their business.

For brands to fully navigate this complex space, programmatic service providers must ensure their users know exactly how the technology works and what it offers. Adverse to the common perceptions of the technology’s intricacy, this technology works to simplify the process of ad buying, which ultimately enables brands to increase their productivity. Its ability to automate the buying and selling of media provides a digital ecosystem in which companies are able to streamline the distribution targeted, serving quality adverts to the right audience in real-time ultimately ties back to making advertising easy for the advertiser. Easy advertising is something programmatic players, no matter how advanced or experienced should not neglect and it is down to the people in these industries to make programmatic accessible for all.

Read the original article in full on Fourth Source

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