ENVISIONX Opens Beijing Office

12th Apr 2016

Since the company was founded in 2014, ENVISIONX placed its focus on global advertising trend, programmatic strategic partnership, and the latest ad technology in the industry. 

ENVISIONX landed in the two largest Asian markets, China and Japan in 2015, with its 20+ global supply partners. The company’s AdHub platform was unveiled as one of the first who offers true global programmatic supply coverage, with Chinese BAT inventory connected. The Beijing office was opened in March 2016, and the company plans to grow it into a central operational site in the East and South East Asian markets. 

Zheng Zhang, CEO and co founder of ENVISIONX, has the ambition of building an East and West cross border programmatic resource supplier, had the pleasure of breaking through the culture and business difference between the Western programmatic market and the Chinese programmatic market.

ENVISIONX aims to provide business opportunities for media buyers and sellers worldwide, and especially evolves into the largest oversea resource hub for Chinese domestic buyers. With the brand safety and fraud prevention features, ENVISIONX wishes to create a safer and simply better advertising environment for both oversea and Chinese partners.