3 Reasons Why Programmatic Buyers Should Consider Using a Dedicated Marketplace for Buying Inventory

1st Nov 2016

The world has never been so fragmented; an extreme example is visible in our population. There are more than six billion people who populate the planet. Each is a unique source of information, and also a recipient of data at the same time.  Regardless how fragmented something is, there doesn’t need to be any issues. All that is required is a way to effectively link them together, to regulate, control and to connect them.

Globally speaking, the programmatic industry has been talking about the issue of fragmentation for some time. Over a period of six years or more, it has produced tens of thousands of participating companies, including web publishers and app developers.  While by no means is this a new marketplace; it is still yet to even come close to anywhere near its full potential.  The popularity and the overall utilization is limited by a number of factors such as transparency, controllability, and risk of failure as just a few examples.


Controllability at Scale Should Be One of The Key Added Values


Instead of creating a new layer of indirectness for control, the marketplace needs to focus on advancing the control to a higher level. After observing various marketplaces, it is apparent that it can take away control from what is being bought or sold.  It is preferable to seek an easier control tool on a broader scale. What we achieve, by giving our buyer and seller clients 100% controllability over what they are procuring, will let them buy or sell with precision within just a few clicks. 


Transparency Should Not Be Compromised


Does the current marketplace create a new layer of fog that lowers the transparency of the commercial relationship and flow of data? It does when a marketplace is not handling buyers and sellers wishes. We believe in openness. AdHub does not blind buyers or sellers, and we let either party discover who is trading with them from the other side of the pound.  We believe this openness, together with the values AdHub provides, will make AdHub a long-term solution to buy or sell. 


Being Capped or Limited Does Not Feel Good


For our buyers, we always aim to provide them with as much as we can, commercially and technically. We believe a good partnership needs a long time to mature. Thus we are always patient to see that coming into play. For our sellers, we understand that data is your asset, so being uncapped does not mean letting the buy side misuse your assets for no return.  We always aim to help our buyers to spend more, commercially and technically.

We are constantly working to enhance our services.  Continually progressing and facilitating a more efficient, simpler and cheaper programmatic advertising channel to both buyers and sellers. We have a history of proven success with 20+ DSP buyers and 30+ SSP sellers globally today, and we forecast further growth in the coming quarter and year ahead.



Throughout the workflow automation, real-time analytics, and self-serviced platform, ENVISIONX enables programmatic buyers and sellers to tap into programmatic trading faster, easier and at a lower price point. We are focused on further improving the efficiency of programmatic trading. ENVISIONX inspires and enables buyer confidence by providing the standard integration protocol, and a one-stop shop for things which are programmatic. We are headquartered in London UK, with other regional offices in Mumbai, Kyiv and Beijing.


What Are We Up to This Year

It’s been an exciting year for us here at ENVISIONX. We have been busy further optimising our AdHub marketplace to help DSPs to acquire traffic, especially Video traffic, in a much simpler and straightforward fashion. We have also made a start on local inventory suppliers to further diversify the programmatic inventory range.